Clinic Information: 

Date: Saturday, April 15, 2023

Location: High Park School- 40 Highridge Way, Stony Plain, AB T7Z 1R6

Time: 9:00AM- 4:00PM 

Cost: $65.00

Limitless Athletics is excited to offer our first ever basketball officiating clinic! We are extremely fortunate to have Karen Lasuik lead this clinic and guide you through the current FIBA rules, on-court mechanics, approved signals, and general game management strategies. 

Karen is a distinguished FIBA referee, officiating at a number of top-level competitions including NCAA Division 1 Women’s basketball in the U.S, March Madness, and even the Olympic Games! 

A local teacher in Parkland School Division and a former basketball player, she began her journey as a referee in 1993. The Alberta Basketball Officials Association has awarded her the Award of Excellence at the international level an impressive six times since 2001! Karen is currently an Executive Board Member serving as Director of Education and Development for the Edmonton Basketball Officials Association.

The morning portion will consist of theory in the classroom, and the afternoon will be spent on the mechanical portion in the gym. Registrants will need to wear athletic gear for the afternoon and to bring their own black Fox40 whistle.

After this clinic, registrants will be qualified to officiate local games. An important note: Only EBOA Members are eligible for game assignments at any level. If you would like reffing assignments with the EBOA, you would need to pay to be fully certified. There would be no other steps in this process. If a registrant chooses to go this route, they can find the information on the EBOA website. The EBOA fee structure is as follows: 

Full Membership   $165.00


Student Membership  $110.00

Includes EBOA (n/c), ABOA, CBOC, ABA